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Our Commitment to Doing The Right Thing

Operating a business entails considering its impact on the environment, the local economy, and the lives of others. It goes beyond simply saving the planet; it encompasses how we influence people and engage with them, as well as the positive difference we can make for customers and the individuals who support our endeavors, including employees, suppliers, and service providers.

Striking a balance between business growth and exhibiting common courtesy, ethical practices, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability is undeniably challenging. However, worthwhile achievements in any aspect of life require effort, and we are determined to embrace this challenge. Our journey begins with the following small steps, which will continue to expand as we strive to improve and demonstrate a greater commitment to others.

By partnering with Ecologi, we actively contribute to reforestation projects, carbon offsetting initiatives and supporting worldwide clean energy solutions. Our involvement not only helps restore vital ecosystems but also reduces our carbon footprint and positively impacts the environment. Through Ecologi, we have joined a global community of like-minded individuals and businesses committed to creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

The Green Web Foundation

The Green Web Foundation
The Green Web Foundation reflects our dedication to accelerating the transition to a fossil-free internet. By accessing their open dataset and utilising their tools, we gain valuable insights into the carbon emissions associated with our digital products. Armed with this knowledge, we can make informed decisions to reduce our environmental impact and advocate for a more sustainable and just internet.

Website Carbon

Website Carbon Calculator
By utilising the Website Carbon Calculator, we actively assess and minimise the carbon impact of our website. Recognising the environmental consequences of digital infrastructure, we strive to reduce server load, energy consumption, and overall carbon footprint. By embracing green hosting and energy-efficient practices, we contribute to mitigating climate change and creating a more sustainable future.

Prompt Payment Code

Prompt Payment Code
As business owners, it is crucial for us to prioritise responsible practices, so by signing up to the UK Government’s Prompt Payment Code, we demonstrate our commitment to fair and timely payment practices with our suppliers. Ensuring prompt payments not only fosters strong relationships with our partners but also supports the overall health and stability of the supply chain.

Good Business Charter

Good Business Charter
The Good Business Charter recognises responsible business practices by measuring behaviour over ten components: real living wage, fairer hours and contracts, employee well-being, employee representation, diversity and inclusion, environmental responsibility, paying fair tax, commitment to customers, ethical sourcing, and prompt payment.

The GBC is an independent not-for-profit organisation working with organisations, including the TUC, IoD and FSB, to give a benchmark for ‘Good Business’, which is accessible to all.

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