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About The Marketing Alliance

Borne out of frustration that business owners and managers face when trying to find trusted, professional partners to work with, The Marketing Alliance provides a unique service in the marketing and business support space. 

The universal challenge that persists with SME businesses across all sizes, sectors and industries is trying to find a partner who is experienced, professional and dedicated to delivering the quality of service they do for their own clients – and one that is as interested in the success of their business as they are.

Most business owners and managers are working hard to build – or even sustain – their businesses with sufficient growth to ride the waves of a fluctuating economy and fierce competition. The really smart ones also know they’re unlikely to be able to manage everything everything in-house, so they’ll need external, professional support.

But how do you know who to turn to for help?

There is a solution.

The Marketing Alliance is a carefully curated tribe of accomplished marketing and business development professionals and boutique agencies. Our sole mission is to delight clients through creativity, innovation, strategy and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

We are a unique collective of specialists covering strategy and brand development, creative design, web technology, SEO, podcast and video production, content creation, direct mail, photography, social media, PR & communications, plus a range of crucial business development and support services from law and HR to sales training to raising finance.

Once we’ve had the opportunity to get to understand your business, your situation, your needs and your goals, it’s a simple step to be introduced to the perfect partner, or partners, to provide exactly the services you need.

What does success look like?

Success means different things to different people, but for most business owners, success means realising a growing, loyal customer base, actively outperforming the competition, long-term financial stability, and a plan for future growth.

Marketing and business development – and even personal development – can feel like just more plates to keep spinning as there are too many unknowns – too many things that need to hold your attention.

The Marketing Alliance is your route to successful;y developing and growing your individual business.

Many of the projects we work on with clients are ongoing, but here’s a handful of testimonials from happy clients who have used our services.


Transforming Business Growth Through Strategic Marketing Partnership

I was referred to The Marketing Alliance because I had reached the point where I realised that to grow my business, I needed to think and work more strategically.

The marketing strategists I was introduced to took the time to understand my business goals and target audience.

They went through a detailed discovery process that was clearly not a formulaic process but felt tailored to my needs and my type and size of business.

We agreed on a full-day workshop that took me on a remarkable journey to ascertain how I operate, where the growth opportunities are, and what I wanted to achieve for the future from my business, which resulted in a clear road map of actions and expectations.

I am continuing to work with the marketing strategy team to further develop my business because their dedication and expertise have made them invaluable partners in our business.

I cannot recommend the professionalism and spot-on recommendation I received from The Marketing Alliance.

Simon Kelly
SDK Creative


The Marketing Alliance Reshapes a Leadership Coach’s Relationship with Technology

As a leadership coach, supporting others to tune into and optimise their emotions, I realised I wasn’t always walking the walk with my own – particularly when it came to technology. I have a resistance to IT and technology-related matters, and my typical response is to ‘avoid and hope for the best’ – not a great business strategy!

Working with The Marketing Alliance changed all that – when my website crashed, I couldn’t avoid it any longer. The Marketing Alliance knew what I didn’t and had a source of tried and tested suppliers to resolve my issues, one of whom had my website up and running in no time at all, and I have moved my hosting and maintenance to them.

I also needed someone to audit my data protection procedures, and again, The Marketing Alliance immediately came to the rescue, so I am now fully legal and have a new privacy policy.

The result – those resistant emotions are gone, enabling me to focus my energy on what I love and do best – thank you!

Lisa Allen


Transforming my Author Journey: The Marketing Alliance Delivers Outstanding Book Covers and Essential Marketing Solutions

As an author who has self-published and successfully marketed several historical novels in the USA/Canada and Australia/NZ, as well as the UK, I needed to find a new graphic designer with experience in book covers to create something eye-catching for the forthcoming set of contemporary novels I was preparing for publication.

I met Clive at a business networking event. I was impressed with both his understanding and extensive network of valuable contacts, so I decided to utilise The Marketing Alliance to find the right professional for my needs. Someone who came well recommended, rather than taking potluck on the internet or spending time I don’t have to check people out.

As a result, I now have a fantastic set of eye-catching book covers, which I am thrilled with.

In addition, I also have a new host for my website and a new social media consultant.

My little publishing business now runs so much more smoothly, reliably and efficiently since working with various Marketing Alliance solution professionals – and Clive is always at the end of the phone for any further advice or recommendations I might need.

Carole Graham
CG Communications


The Marketing Alliance Connects Marketing Agency with Top-tier Social Media Experts

I was introduced to The Marketing Alliance by a colleague and was immediately impressed by the depth and breadth of talent available on the platform.  As a co-owner of a Marketing Agency, we are always eager to explore ways to expand our network of preferred partners and increase the range of marketing services we offer to our clients.

I was particularly interested in restructuring our social media management, and I reached out to several experts, but after conversations with Clive Wilson, who created The Marketing Alliance, we implemented monthly strategy, copy, implementation and reporting for several clients.

We, and more importantly, our clients, are very pleased and look forward to exploring potential partnerships with The Marketing Alliance.

Steve Chatman
Tiga Creative Marketing


Expertise in LinkedIn Training, Lead Generation, and Social Media Management

My experience with The Marketing Alliance has been great.

I needed specific help with LinkedIn training and lead generation, plus social media management.

The Solution Professionals I worked with have proven to be very professional, and I would always recommend them.

Tony Christophis
Angel Security Systems Ltd.


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