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Why The Marketing Alliance?

Conceived in 2018 by Clive Wilson, whose business and marketing experience spans 30+ years, The Marketing Alliance is a visionary solution designed to address the relentless challenge that business owners constantly face: how to navigate the complexities of marketing and find the right partners to work with.

Clive Wilson - Marketing Alliance Founder

Clive Wilson
Founder and Marketing Solutions Curator.

Throughout his extensive career, Clive has collaborated with diverse organisations spanning the spectrum of size, profit orientation, and charitable focus at local, national and international levels.

The common thread is the universal challenge that persists across sizes, sectors and industries as businesses continually grapple with the strategic decisions of what to do with marketing and the tactical intricacies of how to do it. Compounding these obstacles is the ever-evolving landscape of complex technologies, the vast expanse of online channels and understanding each channel’s culture and etiquette.

There is simply too much choice.
So, who do you turn to? Where do you go to get great advice? How do you find great people to work with that you can trust?

The world is bursting at the seams with an astonishing array of marketing and business development professionals, but finding the right people with the right experience for the right job only adds to the pressure time-poor business owners face.

The Marketing Alliance is a curated tribe of accomplished marketing and business development professionals and boutique agencies whose sole mission is to delight clients through creativity, innovation, strategy and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

What is success?
Success means different things to different people, and the magnitude of success desired is typically determined by the size and reach of the company. While this is undoubtedly true, for most business owners, success means realising a growing, loyal customer base, actively outperforming the competition, long-term financial stability, and a plan for future growth.

Equally, for business owners, marketing can feel like just another plate to keep spinning as there are too many unknowns – too many things that need to hold your attention.

The Marketing Alliance is your route to success, in whatever form that takes for your particular business.

There is no formula for marketing; it’s a tailored process that’s unique to each business. Don’t be fooled into believing otherwise.

We are a unique collective of specialisms and experiences covering strategy and brand development, creative design, web technology, SEO, podcast and video production, content creation, direct mail, photography, social media, PR & communications, plus a range of crucial business development and support services from law and HR to sales training to raising finance.

The Marketing Alliance is nothing if not comprehensive, and it’s all at your disposal.

Clive Wilson - Marketing Alliance Founder

Clive Wilson
Founder and Marketing Solutions Curator

Clive Wilson LinkedIn Profile

I’m proud to be a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the world’s leading professional marketing body that has supported professional marketers across the world for more than 100 years.

Professional Recommendations

Gideon Reichental Testimonial

Clive is focused and passionate about the work he does. He is knowledgeable and engaging, making the ideas and concepts he has readily understood.

Clive will onboard ideas, challenge preconceptions and return with newly imagined formats to generate interest and opportunities. A great asset to any team!

Steve Chatman Testimonial

Clive is a hugely experienced strategic Marketing Manager and is adept at distilling complex propositions into clear, audience-centric brand messaging that delivers demonstrable results.

With an eye for detail and an ear for nonsense, Clive pushes back and challenges his Agency partners to bring out their very best and maximise the return on his investment.

Mike Alexander Testimonial

It’s rare to meet a marketing manager as passionate about results as Clive. I’ve found that his ability to cut through the ‘noise’ of marketing to focus on driving real results, in this case, leads, is second to none.

I was impressed by Clive’s ability to reframe how companies look at their products and services. He is able to better connect to target audiences by focusing on the value the products or services offer, and wider problems they solve, rather than their technical details or specifications.

Steve Cambridge Testimonial

Having known and worked with Clive for nearly 15 years, in varying guises and on numerous projects, we have developed a strong working relationship built on trust and a strong work ethic.

Unlike many marketing professionals who just focus on the immediate/tactical tasks, Clive also develops long term marketing and business strategies that help businesses improve sales and ultimately their bottom line.

Carole Graham Testimonial

Clive is strategic and realistic in understanding what is needed and what will work for his various audiences. He always knows what he wants, and if he isn’t sure of some of the detail, he takes and listens to advice from the experts and then acts upon it.

He expects the highest standards and pushes back until the work is exactly right.

Alan Hiscox Testimonial

Clive is someone who I have known for a number of years through attending networking events and has always impressed me with his sound knowledge of all things to do with Marketing.

Always approachable, always interested in other people and constantly interested in developing himself and his business.

Mark Sweetinburgh Testimonial

Working with Clive as a client, it has always been clear that he is quick to understand what is often a complex area of the law and I have always found him to adopt a pragmatic and commercially focussed approach to protecting IP and dealing with any disputes.

In my experience, this is valuable in an area in which matching budget to commercial aims is particularly important.

Chris Burton Testimonial

Clive is always looking for new ways to make progress and do things better.

He has a great ability to interpret the change required and apply it with large doses of common sense and keeping it simple, so there’s a higher chance of success and everyone understands what needs to happen and why.

David Gibbons Testimonial

I worked with Clive when he and his team were evaluating the way forward for his business and clients.

I found Clive to always be focused on the best outcome for his clients, while paying attention to what was important to his staff members. A real professional.

Martin Levy Testimonial

Clive Wilson managed to convert me from someone who reluctantly accepted the necessity for a website, into a real enthusiast.

We frequently receive compliments from customers and others for the quality of (Clive’s) site. Having got me that far, Clive has now created an Instagram fan too!

Claire Scott Testimonial

I met Clive when I came into his business to help him and his business partner review and optimise their internal working processes.

I found Clive to be extremely passionate about the clients he managed and absolutely committed to providing not just an excellent service but an outstanding customer experience, while always ensuring that his delivery team were happy and supported.

Annabel Fogden Testimonial

Clive has a real passion for using social media in business and partnered with us to deliver two very successful workshops in Croydon.

He also gave us valuable and practical advice on how we can better engage with our members.


Take The Marketing Strategy Health Check Now

Take The Marketing Strategy Health Check

Wherever you are on your marketing journey, we'll show you how to attract and convert more customers, consistently outperforming the competition.

In this Marketing Strategy Health Check, we'll run through a few thought-provoking questions looking at the following key areas:

Your Business
How clear are your company’s vision and goals? How well do you measure your progress?

Your Strategy
How important is an overarching marketing strategy to you? Do you see it as key to growth?

Your Brand
Does your brand compete effectively in your marketplace? What does it say about you?

Your Audience
Do you really know your audience? What are their needs, and what are their expectations of you?

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